1. speak at a hearing in sacramento

Add your voice in support of afterschool programs during the public comment sections at hearings in Sacramento. We need parents, teachers, and providers! Even if you’ve never spoken at a hearing before, our children and families in afterschool need your voice.

  • Tuesday, May 7 | Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education
    Hearing starts at 9:00 AM | Room 447

  • Thursday, May 9 | Senate Budget Subcommittee on Education
    Hearing starts at 9:30 AM or upon adjournment of Senate Session | Room 3191

Email us to confirm attendance and get updates on the agenda.
Please note: We don't know the exact time the afterschool budget request will be heard, and hearings can take a few hours, so please plan accordingly.

2. write a letter from your organization

Let’s show how many organizations across California care about afterschool. If you haven’t sent in a letter yet, customize this letter on your organization's letterhead. Email your letter to us and we’ll submit it to the right committees for you.

3. Sign the petition to save afterschool

Tell the Governor and the Legislature that you support increased funding for the After School Education and Safety (ASES) program this year. You can add your name as an individual, an organization, or both. More than 380 organizations and 2,441 individuals have already shared their support for more funding for ASES programs and the students and families they serve.

4. contact congress

Fight back against President Trump's proposed elimination of federal funding for afterschool. Contact Congress through Afterschool Alliance's easy form.

5. ask your representative to sign our letter

Ask your representative to sign this letter urging the budget subcommittees to increase funding for the After School Education and Safety (ASES) program by $112.8 million, and that funding be raised in future years to account for minimum wage and cost-of-living increases.

STEP 1: Find your representative.
STEP 2: Call or email your representative(s) and ask them to sign this letter.

6. share your story

Tell us what you are experiencing in your after school program:

7. become an afterschool advocate

Looking to make a larger impact? Become an Afterschool Advocate to make a bold stand, adding your voice to California Afterschool Advocacy Alliance's powerful chorus of afterschool providers, school districts, and child and family advocates.